Terms & conditions

1:  The objective of the terms privacy policy listed below are for the purpose of persons using either a graphic design service or printing service supplied by Easy Print Thailand. They are listed to inform you of your rights as a consumer as well as for assisting you to understand the process of ordering from Easy Print Thailand & what we do with your private registration information.

2:  Easy Print Thailand WEBSITE is open for all persons to view both Thai and foreigner without the need for registration however should you wish to place an order you will be required to complete the sign up account registration form.

3:  Orders must be made by persons over the age of 18 years of age, if under the age of 18 years then orders should be place via a legal parent or guardian with registration made by persons over the age of 18 year only. Orders placed by persons under the age of 18 years will waive their right to the use of any refund policy or return of monies in the case of dissatisfaction disputes.

4:  Easy Print Thailand WEBSITE is visible worldwide and although we do service the needs of clients outside the Kingdom of Thailand it should be noted and clear that all print manufacturing supplied by Easy Print Thailand will be both made & shipped from within the Kingdom of Thailand.

5:  By registering with Easy Print Thailand WEBSITE you are accepting that you have read and acknowledge the terms & conditions of use along with the privacy policy.

6:  Easy Print Thailand DOES NOT give or provide any of your personal details to 3rd parties for any form of use & any unauthorized access to our systems other than by our I.T team employees of Easy Print Thailand will be punishable by the full extent under the law of the Kingdom of Thailand.

7:  Under NO circumstances will Easy Print Thailand provide or hand over or sell your personal details to any marketing agency or otherwise. The only occasion Easy Print Thailand would release your personal details would be if requested by a law enforcement official after receiving a warrant from issued by a court of law in Thailand.

8:  Easy Print Thailand DO keep your registration details in a system to help improve our service and your experience when using our services.

9:  It is the responsibility of the registered account holder to make sure their details both at registration & checkout pages are correct for all fields, name, address, contact email and contact phone number.

10:  Delayed or lost orders for delivery as a result of incorrect registration and delivery details will not be the responsibility of Easy Print Thailand & no refunds or monies will be returned as a result.

11:  Registered users of Easy Print Thailand should contact a member of our team immediatelty if they feel their account has been accessed or used by an unauthorized person or organization.

12:  Registration and use of Easy Print Thailand WEBSITE is free and will always remain free.

13:  Easy Print Thailand may send you promotional emails or surveys from time to time to help us maintain a high standard as well as continuously improve our service & make you aware of current promotions we may be offering.

14:  Easy Print Thailand is an online service with payments required via our WEBSITE, payment must be made by the legal and authorized owner of the bank card holder ONLY.

15:  At checkout before making payment you will be given a summary of your order and it's total cost, it is your responsibility to check it carefully before making payment. By proceeding to make payment you are confirming your order and giving consent for our team to process and work on your order.

16:  Easy Print Thailand team works fast to process and print orders, if you believe you have made an error in your order you should contact the team immediately to amend your order. If your order has already gone to print then under no circumstances will a refund or credit be issued.

17:  Easy Print Thailand has a no refund policy, in the event a registered user of Easy Print Thailand WEBSITE wishing to cancel an order after placing it and making payment we will issue a credit on your account for your use in the future, no credit will be issued if the order has already been printed.

18:  Easy Print Thailand reserves the right to refuse service to anybody at any time if we believe your content to contain pornographic, obscene or indecent images and images of minors. Indecent images of minors will be reported to the police without notice. Easy Print Thailand also reserves the right to refuse service if we believe content to be harmful by way of hate, discrimination & racism.

19:  Easy Print Thailand aims to work within the deadline set but will not be held accountable for delays in delivering orders or any losses incurred either directly or indirectly as a result of ordering with us.

20:  Designs and colors may appear differently on different screens with colors varying from screen to print. Easy Print Thailand will not be held responsible for differences in color from screen to print and no monies or refunds will be issued unless a technical fault is found with our equipment in which case we will re-print your order.

21:  If you are using your own design files when ordering with Easy Print Thailand please make sure they are sent and comply with our required formats only.

22:  If your are having difficulty uploading a file please contact our support to who will check and assist you.

23:  If you are using the professional graphic design service supplied by Easy Print Thailand then you must read and acknowledge the design terms & conditions carefully. You will find a copy of the design terms and conditions as well as design & print preparation specifications on the footer of the Easy Print Thailand WEBSITE.

24:  Easy Print Thailand graphic design team reserve the right to refuse service or terminate service with a client without notice if they are asked to perform duties which are pornographic, abusive or otherwise deemed immoral. No credits or refunds will be issued under any circumstances in these cases.

25:  Easy Print Thailand reserves the right to refuse or terminate service with any order at any time without notice if the contracted client is any way abusive towards any member of the Easy Print Thailand team of employees. Under no circumstances will refunds of credit be issued in cases of abuse to our team.

26:  Easy Print Thailand reserves the right to change any of it's term, conditions & policies without notice, however we will always announce changes on our blog so the public are aware.

27:  Easy Print Thailand reserves the right to withdraw promotions & change prices on our products and services without notice.

28:  Easy Print Thailand will NOT be liable for any prints which are defective by the way of spelling mistakes in artwork, text content, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses or any other error as a result of artwork provided by the contracting client of Easy Print Thailand.

29:  Easy Print Thailand will NOT be liable or held accountable for any errors or mistakes made by our graphic design service in design, spelling mistakes, phone number mistakes or other. It is the responsibility of the contracting client to fully check any artwork designed by the graphics department of Easy Print Thailand. Once confirmed by the contracting client Easy Print Thailand has no responsibility for mistakes spotted after production so please check carefully before confirming.

30:  Typical color variations of between 8 - 12% can occur during printing and Easy Print Thailand deem this an acceptable level of color difference. Easy Print Thailand will not be held responsible or issue refunds / credits due to color differences between these margins.

31:  Material size in printing can vary by approximately 10%.

32:  Material can differ on each order due to different batches of material from different suppliers. We WILL not reprint due to material stiffness issues.

33:  In the event of complete dissatisfaction and once an investigation has been completed by the Easy Print Thailand team, if we find a print to be defective as a result of our error or equipment error we will reprint, return of the old print work must be returned in full first at the expense of the contracting buyer. We will also not be held responsible or pay out any compensation for losses or damages either directly or indirectly as a result of defective printing.

34:  The contracting client ordering with Easy Print Thailand acknowledges by way of ordering that they are the legal owner of the trademark and design along with all the content in it & are authorized for it's use. Easy Print Thailand will not be held accountable or liable for trade mark violation use.

35:  Easy Print Thailand are the owners of this WEBSITE and all content on it. Unauthorized access, modification or reproduction of any content, design, files, imagery on this WEBSITE is illegal and where necessary we will work in accordance with the law of the Kingdom of Thailand to punish offenders via the judicial system of the Kingdom of Thailand.

36:  By ordering and making payment you acknowledge you are entering in a legally binding contract with Easy Print Thailand and that you have read and understood all the terms & conditions as outlined above.

37:  No orders will be delivered until full payment for any of Easy Print Thailand services or products have been paid for in full.